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Apartman Belkıs, 
Evliya Çelebi_Şimal sokak No.3B 
Beyoğlu  ISTANBUL.
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The tale of Normal. indeed commences in 2019, not the most opportune year to embark on a journey, given its proximity to the onset of the pandemic. Yet, it is precisely due to this timing that Normal evolved in tandem with global events. With a steadfast commitment to market sustainability, we adeptly incorporate cost efficiency, strategic planning, conceptual thinking, and emotional elements into our approach. This harmonious blend empowers us to fashion distinctive and exceptionally effective creative solutions.

For Over 5 years we’ve been helping corporates and privates building a strong brand, create an emotional design for their locations and as result get the audience’s love.

Enrico Şansal, interior designer
Raised in Italy and moved to Istanbul in 2011. Following several years of experience interior and architectural practices, he founded Normal in 2019.
Selected clients:

Doğuş Retail
Elca companies
Fit Invest
Plaza Cubes

Normal. OFFICE
Apartman Belkıs, 
Evliya Çelebi_Şimal sokak No.3B 
Beyoğlu  ISTANBUL.


B HOUSThe house sits on a rectangular, sloped plot of 480 square meters, richly populated with pines and oaks. In keeping with Normal's ethos of ecological sensitivity, the design integrates these beautiful trees, allowing them to envelop the fa\f0\'e7ade and create a seamless blend of architecture and nature. 

Adhering to the existing urban grid, the design features the clean, straight lines that have become a signature of the studio. The structure, rendered in pristine white, reinterprets the classic forms of the Yal\f1\u305?, the traditional Ottoman waterfront mansion. Black bordering lines accentuate the front and rear layers, enhancing the geometric clarity and imbuing the house with a distinct character and elegance. 

Inside, the home exudes spaciousness and light. A sunroof bathes the interiors in natural light throughout the day, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The floors are adorned with herringbone parquet, complemented by off-white walls, offering a blank canvas for the homeowners to display their art collections.

 The house is thoughtfully distributed across five levels, though the sloped terrain artfully conceals its height. The upper floors host the bedrooms, including the main suite. The middle levels feature two distinct living rooms, a main kitchen, and a secondary kitchenette designed for social gatherings. The lower levels provide access to the garden, which is spread over two tiers. 
The upper garden is a verdant space with a prominent magnolia tree and an olive tree, while the lower level boasts a swimming pool and a mini guest apartment.

At Normal Architecture, our creative vision extended to every corner of Folkart Vega. We took charge of designing not just the living spaces but also the walkways, interior social areas, and inviting lobbies. Our goal was to create a multifaceted experience that would envelop the residents in an ambiance that is not only welcoming but also exudes a modern and captivating charm.

Our design philosophy revolves around blending warmth with contemporary aesthetics, ensuring that every area within Folkart Vega is a harmonious fusion of style and comfort. As you explore the meticulously planned walkways, you'll find them thoughtfully designed to invite you into a world of elegance and convenience.
The interior social areas are vibrant hubs of community living, offering a dynamic backdrop for social interactions, relaxation, and recreation. These spaces have been carefully curated to cater to a multitude of preferences, from tranquil corners for contemplation to lively areas that foster connections and shared moments.Folkart Time, 2019
Folkart Incity, 2020
Folkart Vega Sales Office, 2020
Folkart Vega, 2021
Folkart Dubai, 2022
Folkart Nefes, 2023
Folkart Bademler, 2023

Upcoming projects:
Folkart Nova, 2024
Folkart Orion, 2025
Folkart Mona, 2025